Tharwat Said, PT

Since 1989, Tharwat Said has been a cornerstone of the Somerset, New Jersey community, offering unparalleled physical therapy services. His journey in physical therapy began in Egypt, where he obtained his license in 1983. In 1988, Tharwat brought his expertise to the United States, enriching lives with his skilled hands and deep knowledge.

At Back in Motion Physical Therapy, Tharwat stands out for his proficiency in manual therapy. His approach is not just about treatment; it's about crafting a personalized journey to wellness for each patient. He understands that every individual's story is unique, and so is their path to recovery.

Tharwat's dedication is evident in the numerous success stories shared by those he's helped. Whether it's easing chronic pain, rehabilitating after an injury, or simply improving mobility, his hands-on techniques and compassionate care have made a significant impact.

Tharwat's philosophy is simple yet profound: empower each patient to achieve their highest potential of physical wellbeing. Through his commitment and expertise, he continues to be a beacon of hope and healing in the Somerset area.