What people are saying after they're put Back in Motion

"Extremely professional staff and clinic. Very satisfied with the results."


"Thank you for helping me get my life back. living day to day with the pain was wearing on me and my family. I'm so glad I came to you!"


"They were able to pinpoint my neck and shoulder problem immediately and relieve my pain. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after the first treatment."


"The treatment was prompt and results soon appeared. I can now walk much better."


"You provided immediate relief from pain. every visit, i noticed an improvement in moving."


"I am very happy I can now tie my shoes! May not sound like much, but think about it."


"My PT experience with you was very valuable. I cannot believe the difference it made and will make for the longer term."


"After two years of off and on physical therapy elsewhere, I continued to experience continuing pain, difficulty walking, great stiffness and guilt that all of it was my fault. Brian Doolan helped me improve in every possible way, so that I can now walk without pain, go up and down stairs easily, and best of all, bend and squat well enough to work in my beloved garden again. i cannot recommend him and his clinic highly enough."


"Diagnosed properly good follow-up questions, was honest about stopping appointment once I was better."


"Therapy made me 100% better. if i ever need therapy again, i will return. thanks so much for all your help."


"I had pain for years and have been to many chiropractors and physical therapists. However, after only five sessions at Back in Motion Physical Therapy I am pain free, have fine mobility, and perhaps more important have been taught the exercises that will maintain my current ability. I now feel in charge of my health and capable of continuing all activities."


"Thank you very much for all your assistance in our recovery from the auto accident. Back and neck pain is such an aggravation and can take the enjoyment out of life, so we really appreciate your help. We would definitely recommend you to anyone needing Pt."

Rick and Rosalee

"I was thoroughly satisfied with the staff and treatment provided at your facility. My back feels better than it has in weeks thanks to the ultra friendly and professional staff, hi-tech treatment, and home exercise program."

S.Z .(10/4/07)

"Pleased and thanks so much. I will come back."

G.C. (6/28/07)

"The therapist is knowledgeable and flexible in adjusting the routines to my condition."

E.D. (6/15/07)

"I am so pleased with all aspects of my physical therapy and everyone at back in motion."

M.B. (3/15/06)

"I am pleased by the progress I've made by walking with the physical therapy at "Back in Motion". I especially like the time spent on doing exercises and individual attention."

A.J. (1/27/06)

"Very understanding and open to questions."

S.H. (12/11/06)

"Therapy was most helpful, a pleasant experience and I have already referred others to this office."

R.M. (3/08/07)

"My experience at back in Motion Physical Therapy has been extremely positive. I always recommend people to seek treatment there because they are truly caring and have a friendly attitude. I found my treatment to be pleasant and I saw progress with each visit, it has made a world of difference.

Thanks Tharwat!!!!"

B.W. (6/05/08)

"Very knowledgeable therapist listens to your problems and gives proper therapy. I have improved during each visit and have more mobility."

H.S. (6/12/08)

"Thank you very much. It was a pleasure coming to your facility."

M.V. (6/17/08)

"The people were efficient, friendly and courteous."


"Need help getting back on your feet? I recommend Back In Motion physical therapy. I have received excellent treatment and have had good results for my conditions while under their care. Tharwat listens to my complaints and treats my painful back condition. "I have always been more than happy with the results of my physical therapy. Back In Motion has worked miracles on me and I appreciated the therapist's friendly attitude and found my treatments to be pleasant."

Thanks So Much.


"I started Physical Therapy at BACK IN MOTION on February 1, 2006 because I had a Herniated disk. I was in so much pain. I was limping so badly. I honestly thought I would never be normal again. But, because of THARWAT SAID, I become totally off the Percoset by February 15, 2006. I'm walking normally, no longer in any pain and eagerly loooking forward to returning to work. Thank you, THARWAT SAID and BACK IN MOTION, for everything."

Marylynn Bianca (3/11/06)